The secluded forests of the Barr valley house the nation of Barrar. It is a calm and hardy nation, famous for its inclement weather, rare wildlife and quiet music.


The Barran capital of Haven is the oldest surviving settlement on the continent, having been founded in -210tt.

Prior to 400tt, the country was split in three sections. The biggest section was the original kingdom of Barrar, occupying the northern forest. The second largest section was the secretive tribes of Kett to the south of the valley, and the third western section was the territory of the savage Mard clan.

In 400tt, the Mard clan declared war on Barrar, but lost, and was taken over. It was around this time that the tribes of Kett quietly died out, their land later claimed by the Kingdom.

Barrar joined the Kartonan Empire in 997tt, in a deal that gave its leader, King Derr, a lot of chocolate.


Barrar is situated in between two mountain ranges in the north-north-east corner of the continent of Kartonas. It borders the Alliance of Hunters to the west, the Felian Empire to the south, and across the eastern mountains lay the empire of Hexia.

The northern half of the country is covered in coniferous woodland. The northern coastline is almost completely eclipsed by the northern mountains, the only continental port being the city of Portport, hidden in the northwestern corner of the country.

The southern and western reaches of the country are sparsely populated tundras. In the center lies the city of Dormsbelt, through which almost all of the kingdom's trade travels. Around the city lay multitudes of farms.

The volcanic island of Urr was colonised by the Kartonan Empire in 999tt. It and its nearby islands are considered part of the kingdom, but the islands to the west of Urr were already inhabited by tribes of Ekken, who refused to yield to the empire up until the empire's dissolution.


The Kingdom of Barrar is ruled by King Marlve III, and to a lesser extent, the councillors.




The people of Barrar are known to be devout worshippers of Denn.



capital in the middle of the forest, at the base of a mountain


only continental port, named "Estport" by the empire, which was later rather futilely translated to PortPort.


huge trading post in the tundra, surrounded by farms